Neck Pain

Poor posture

Our necks are often positioned poorly during the long hours we spend at our jobs. Poor posture can potentially lead to neck pain, stiffness, and headache. It may even cause numbness or weakness down the arms or fingers. Physiotherapists are experts in posture analysis and retraining. We can help you improve your posture and live better.

Whiplash and Motor Vehicle Accident

Car accidents, sports injuries or falls can subject your spine to sudden jerky forces. These forces can irritate the neck joints, muscles, and nervous system ultimately causing a whiplash injury. Most people experience whiplash injury as neck pain and headache. Sometimes, the symptoms may present weeks after the accident.  If not treated appropriately, injuries could worsen over time and become irreversible. It is important to have a thorough assessment at the early stages for the best chance of recovery. Our physiotherapists can diagnose your condition and provide an optimized treatment plan to alleviate your symptoms and prevent long term issues. 

Cervical radiculopathy 

There are nerves that exit the spinal cord between vertebrae in the spine. Often when these nerves are irritated or damaged by surrounding structures there can be numbness, tingling, pain or weakness in the distribution of that nerve. Patients with this condition often feel pain radiating from the neck to their elbow or hands in a specific pattern. Poor posture, stiff neck, aging, stress and injury are potential contributors to this condition. By applying various techniques with their hands and using sophisticated modalities, our physiotherapists can alleviate or resolve your symptoms. You may even see an improvement instantly!

Stiff neck

 “Use it or lose it!”  Our necks often become stiff due to inactivity. Improving and optimizing neck movement can be critical. Our physiotherapists employ active, hands-on therapy to restore mobility to the neck and abolish your neck discomfort. We can also tailor an exercise program to your needs and ability to help you maintain your health. Our massage therapists will work using deep tissue massages to breakdown tough knots to make your neck looser and more relaxed.