Physiotherapy is a branch of primary healthcare that focuses on optimizing health,  treating injury and relieving pain. Physiotherapists are experts of the body and body mechanics. Equipped with a specialized hand-on skills set, our physiotherapist can assess your pain condition or functional limitation and provide for you appropriate diagnosis and treatment. Treatment also often involves the identification and correction of faulty movement patterns that limit one’s ability to do what they want to do, whether that is to play professional hockey or cook for their loved ones at home. At C.A.R.E. physiotherapy, we use a holistic approach to helping our patients with their injuries and diseases so they can achieve their goals.

  • Who should seek physiotherapy?
  • Someone who is suffering from pain that wants manage it in a drug free manner
  • Pre or post surgical patients
  • A person who suffered a motor vehicle accident
  • An athlete who has suffered an injury or wants to improve athletic performance
  • A worker who has sustained an injury or needs to get back to work
  • Elderly, or physically compromised individuals to improve independence
  • An individual who wants to incorporate more physical activity
  • Anyone of any age who would like to help reduce the risks of the points listed above